hand coding round robin

taught by emma rae norton

☁ ☁ this page that you are visiting right now is a hand coded web page ☁ ☁

i will be holding office hours for code societies students at SFPC on 01/23/20 from 4pm - 6pm.

some archives from past sessions:

Digital Love Languages Summer 2020 with Melanie Hoff

Code Societies Winter 2020 with Neta Bomani and Melanie Hoff

March 2020 with friends in quarantine


participants of this workshop will learn how to "hand code" a web page by working on each others computers

the session will start with a brief lecture on the significance of coding slowly and by hand.

participants will learn how to do this kind of coding by example and with care.

equal attention will be given to html elements, css styles, and the content on the page.

through adding and styling the content of each others web pages students will learn the basic building blocks of web development as well as what it feels like to code with and for each other.

preparation (for in person sessions):

preparation (for online sessions)

not required reading:

this workshop runs between 2-4 hours, it can be taught online or in person, send an email to marceldochamp[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like me teach it in your class <3

upcoming sessions:

past sessions: