Trust Yourself

I am overwhelmed with how much I don't know and I feel like I will never have enough time to know. What the past 3 weeks have taught me is that all of this is intertwined. All of it is a full circle. All of it means everything and nothing at all. My hope is that I remember some and use it judiciously.

You are so talented and have SO much already to bring to the table, you can trust yourself to be able to pick up what you need and if you leave anything behind it will always be there for you <3

Use a tigers eye stone as a interferance, or more like a natural VPN. It can emit energy that is held inside to mask, veil, dirupt, reroute the surveillance systems that be all up in our business and stay trying to control us. Bump that shit.

“If inequity is encoded into the very fabric of society then each twist, coil, and code is a chance for us to weave new patterns, practices, and politics. It’s vastness will be its undoing once we accept we are pattern makers.”
- Ruha Benjamin