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what is a social fear/anxiety/assumption you've overcome?

I am still overcoming/working on overcoming/trying to overcome/have overcome speaking letting; letting my voice be heard, feeling like my voice and thoughts and feelings are valid. Sharing is hard. Trusting is hard. Taking the risk to trust, to be vulnerable, to be wrong, to be hurt is difficult. But I am finding faith in people in finding faith in myself.

Being able to name problems is a powerful place to be. Ruha Benjamin
EMFs are terrifying. One week in November I got really ill, and spent the whole week in bed reading about EMFs. We need to think of methods to protect our bodies. We need to spend time forest-bathing, as the Japanese would say. We need to learn to have a healthy relationship with technology - and that will vary depending on the person, where they live, where they work, their circumstance. We need to learn to use technology and not let it use us. It is a tool just like a kitchen utensil. Mental health will be on the rise as it is, and until we dont create rituals to take breaks from technology, it will get worse. This probably sounds all very conservative and old-fashioned, but ob la di.