Recoding The Future

grammars of care
how the past asks questions of our present & future
–simone brown
how past texts are received in the present ... e.g. claude mckay

I do feel like sometimes texts from the past can easily be taken to a higher authority just for being formalized and published.
Think of the people that get to write and publish now
it's a fairly self selecting group of people.
Not to say that we shouldn't take them seriously? Idk all I'm saying that things should be taken with a grain of salt
There is bullshit everywhere past and present.
Also I suck at remembering names idk who Claude McKay is if it's relevant to the question?

What are 10 "things" you've been given during your time at Code Societies by someone inside or outside of SFPC? What feelings did these give you?

Here is a spell I have only held to myself, I share it with you now in hopes we will build a circle together:

A ritual technology an abolitionist witchware: design a mask that calls forth images of your ancestors and abstracts them over your face when it detects attempted facial recognition. When the Market/State via the Machine attempts to see you, place you, hold you all it finds is the rightoues fury of those who dreamed you into existence, those who you existed within as a possibility, those who live within you along with futures you can't yet see but are neccesarily a part of
"all computation is metaphor" (emma), "structurelessness becomes a way of masking power"? (jo freedman via dan)