Some Ways

What is the most meaningful eye contact you had today?

There are several stray cats that roam in the backyards of my street in Brooklyn. A white cat jumped on the porch of my bedroom window and we stared at each other at an awfully long time - perhaps 20 seconds. When I moved it still followed me, like a friendly Mona Lisa.

One of my favorite protective rituals, protective in that is cleanses, it renews: make a list of all that you want to let go of, take your time. Go outdoors (perhaps with someone you trust), with matches, or a lighter. Burn the list. Observe the smoke, the smell it creates. Imagine the words are the smoke and the smoke is the words. See it dissipate into the air. Breathe deep.
"When an adversary has your information, you never get to set the context in which you're being evaluated" –Harlo

"If you're not paying for the product, you are the product." –Harlo

"You always know what you're doing, you always do" –Monica, FLUCT

"There is a lot of meaning in the world, but we do have to choose to see it" –Monica, FLUCT

"Being able to name problems is a powerful place to be" –Ruha