i see you, and i know you see me.

Have you taken some time to feel into space and see the portals that have opened for you?

I pledge to make more room in my life for feeling as a practice 🔮 How do you do it?

can a spell be as simple as a piece of tape over the webcam? i think that in this space we have concantenated (i don't know if i used that word right and there's no spell-check when youre writing code) but anyway i think we have concantenated something even more powerful: a network of community care and solidarity. as char jere put it one class -- talking to your neighbors is a kind of magic. we have shared so many connections contra the unsavory wills of the powers that be. creating ritual: perhaps we start a signal group chat? staying connected is the medicine.
asking hard questions is magic. to ask is to imply answers are possible. if we believe answers are possible, we’re much more likely to find them – to find the capacity within ourselves to propose new ways of being in relation with each other.