some reflections on code societies

"Most people are forced to live inside of someone elses imagination" – Ruha Benjamin

But it feels like we're inside of all of our imaginations here.

how can we create spaces of care and learning like this in our everyday lives? - amber

articulate our needs and ask to hear about the needs of others. understand everyones intentions. talk to people. be thoughtful. prioritize care.

An ID is a unique identifier, like I want this one thing to be pink. A class is an identifier and can be used as many times as you want, and every time you use it the CSS is brought with it.

invisbility spells (incognito mode). muting spells (like on google home). deletion spells (to clear cookies and passwords and remove data). ad blocker spells (so that we can choose to consent to consumption)
"The origin of all theory is direct experience" – max fowler