i love asking questions, i love hearing your answers :)

now that we have reconsidered the possibility of
~intimacy with our devices~
-- thinking new ways of being "close to the metal" --
what is the status of touch-screen computing?

something i am thinking about is the possibility of paying homage to the minerals, the stones, the earthly elements that make up our touchscreen devices. even if touchscreen computing may seem distant or cold compared to other ways of being close to the metal, it all comes from the earth. it all has a sense of materiality.

The kinds of spells we need to protect us are TECHNOLOGY FOR THE PEOPLE. We need tools that are de-centralized that the government or evil third parties can't hack into. We need something open and accessible for all, and maybe spread via word of mouth. We need a computer that is built with Good in mind, and has data scrambling built in. We need something to make us feel safe, even if it is is a personal chant or mantra. What if it were voice-activated? We need skincare that adds a shiny layer to our face when photos are taken so that we are unrecognizeable unless we review the photos, and give consent (maybe through an app).
we code space and are coded by spaces we inhabit. paraphrasing Dan Taeyoung here; this quote stays with me because of recency bias but also because SFPC feels like the paradigmatic example of a space that has shaped me with care, in opposition to the malicious encoding wrought by the Institutional Powers That Be.